Video Summary

Our most advanced photo booth for event professionals with a commercial-grade shatterproof, super-bright touchscreen display – a great fit for event pros working large events outdoors or in retail environments! This super bright commercial-grade touchscreen display offers unsurpassed optics, durability and wide viewing angle to operate indoors or outdoors.


“When a customer calls us, the first thing that they ask is which particular model do you recommend?
I’ve always recommended them to T12 LED and for one reason and one reason only, for the amount of:

  • customers that we have that had purchased our products
  • the customers that have been successful in their Photo booth rental business

are the ones who own the T12 LED.

The T12 LED from a photographer’s standpoint is

  • easy to set up
  • very compact.
  • it’s lightweight

so you can have a variety of different operators that can set it up without difficulty. The footprint is small, so a venue with a limited amount of space can accommodate the Photo booth in a small area of the venue.”

So with the T12 LED here, we have the LED of course in around on the edges, in the front, and in the back, which gives you a Wow factor all around the booth.

It has two features here

  • You can have a continuous LED lighting
  • and also you can trigger it with the camera so the flash will act like a strobe as a picture is taken.

And some of the other main features of the T12 LED that the customers’ love, of course, is the tilting mechanism. Just like all of our Photo booth, we accommodate small children and taller individuals if need be.

As a case for the T12 LED which will contain the Photobooth, and you have a separate case for the printer. So in essence, in the minimum, you have the Photo booth, the printer, maybe your backdrop. That’s all you need to transport to have a Photo booth ready for an event.

So it doesn’t take that much in addition to the regular photography gear that I would normally carry to an event. So with the T12 LED business package, you will also receive a printer. And of course, with that printer, you get a printer stand and printer cover. Of course, with cash straight for the printout.

The T12 LED business package does come with technical support and full tutorials on how-to and all the FAQ you may have on how to run a Photobooth business on a gig.

We can also do rental contracts for you. I’ll show you samples of rental contracts that we have done on, and we have used for ourselves, our company, and of course, our other customers that need a sample or just to get started on their rental contract.

The T12 LED is perfect for everybody.

All my customers, whether you’re a DJ, a photographer, caterer, or just a home-stay mom, a T12 LED is perfect for you. It’s affordable, it’s portable, and it’ll definitely make you money.”