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“How’s it going, everyone?

John, Here again with RBA Photobooths, bringing you a quick video on how to change your interchangeable faceplate on your Nimbus iPad Pro V2.

So Apple offers the iPad Pro and 12.9 inch and 10.9 inch so basically an 11 inch and a 13 inch.

So right here, the Nimbus Pro comes with a 12.9 inch standard as well as how we sell it, and you have an option to buy and purchase the 10.9 inch faceplate if that’s what you have.

So stay tuned and see how it goes.

So it is quite simple to change the faceplate for the Nimbus. What you will be needing is a standard Philips head screwdriver and smaller needle-nose pliers.

Now to get started, what you want to do is flip over the Nimbus head itself. As you can see here, there are four screws that you can take out. And once you’ve done that, go ahead and set those crews aside. And now what you will do is just take off this back portion of the Nimbus. Leave that to the side and you will just need that later again to close the Nimbus. And now what you will need to do is remove these four threaded barrels, threaded screw barrels. So to do that, you just need your needle nose pliers and you’ll just unscrew them.

And right after you remove the four screws on the back of the Nimbus, you will now need to remove these four threaded barrels that you see here, you will grab your needle nose pliers and just simply grab firmly and twist. And once you have twisted enough, you go ahead and do it by hand like So and do the same thing on all four threaded barrels. These are tight on there, so you’ll need to make sure you firmly grab those pieces. Once you’ve done that, we will move on to the next step, which is to just remove these four pieces of four clips. These are the clips that hold the LED lights in place. And right after that, you can just remove this Acrylic like so and get this out of the way. And you’ll need that again later. And get this LED strip out of the way, which you will need as well.

And this is the 12.9 inch that we have just successfully removed from the Nimbus. So we’ll put that aside and now enter the 11 inch, which some of you may opt to do and purchase. So once you have removed the original faceplate, which you will do now is have their new faceplate face down, and then you go ahead and grab your Acrylic back and place it towards where the screws are.
And after that, what you will do is grab the LED strip that you took off earlier and you will place them around just following the curve and circle. So what you want to do is, of course, have the LED facing outwards towards the Acrylic, like So.

And having the connection part as close to the bottom portion as you can. Again, follow the curve and circle and the shape of the Nimbus. And after placing the LED strip back onto the Nimbus, what you want to do now is grab these clips and place them like so. So it holds the LED strip in place, and the last one goes here like so.

And now we place these threaded barrels back onto the screws. You’re doing hand tight for now. And then you come back and do it. Tighten it with the pliers again. Let me tie them back with the pliers. Just make sure the snug and tight. And at that, you place this guy the back covered back on top or over the Nimbus faceplate, and line up these circles to the threaded barrels.

And then you place the screws right back in like so. So they all line up like so. And then you just screw them back in with your Phillips screwdriver.

And just like that, you have successfully changed the faceplate of the Nimbus iPad from the old or rather, or from the 12.9 inch to the 11 inch.

And just like that, we’ve changed the face plate on the Nimbus Pro V2.

I hope that video was helpful to show you guys the interchangeable faceplate on the 11 inch and 13 inch iPads. So I hope you liked the video. Don’t forget to subscribe for future content.”