Video Summary

This allows you to use your current or new Nimbus photo booth as a “roaming mobile” photo booth. Giving you and your customers a totally new experience when it comes to photo booths.


“How’s it going, everyone?

John here again with RBA Photo Booths bringing you another quick how-to video.
In today’s video, we’re going to show you how to install our mobile handle for our Nimbus Photo Booth, which makes it a mobile Romer for you to use.

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All right guys, Let’s get started.

Today we are installing again our mobile roaming handle to the back of our iPad Nimbus Photo booth. So we use this handle where we sell separately on our website to be able to make the Nimbus a roaming photo booth and allows you to just interact with your guests and your clients in a different way rather than a photo booth that’s always stationary.

So this right here, installs into these two threaded holes here, like so. And this is how it looks like. And Here’s a fresh one here so I can show you the content inside. Only an allen wrench is necessary to install and that is included as well. So when you purchase this handle, this is how it will come.

When you take it to the box, it’ll show you the allen key or allen wrench. Here’s a wrench. I’ll put that here and a couple of screws. And Here’s the mounting bracket that we will be mounting here. And of course, the handle itself.

So Let’s get started.
First off, you want to grab this mounting bracket, you want to line up these two holes to these two threaded holes here. It’s lined them up like so, make sure these are pointing up, up towards you and you grab the screws. Now grab the allen wrench, go ahead and put it in there, and guide it to the threaded holes. We go ahead and screw that down. Not so tight yet and grab the other one. Screw that down. And this allows you to adjust this bracket if you need to.

So you want to go ahead and center that and tighten it again. Tighten it again here. So you’re done with that part.

All right, the last and final step is to install the handle onto the mounting bracket. And to do so, you want to go ahead and loosen this up, right? Just like So. bracket itself. And you do that by pressing down on one of these spins either or and sliding simultaneously like So. And you tighten it by grabbing this pin and either going either direction to tighten it or loosen it. See if you guys can see that you grab the pin and at least it gives you this ability to lift it when needed. So it is not in the way of turning or in the way of your hand when you’re using it. So we’ll go ahead and tighten this down. So the handle is secure onto the unit. And just like that, we’ve installed the handle.

And just like that, guys, we’ve installed the handle to our Nimbus Photo Booth.

So the Nimbus Photo booth comes with a couple of different features, including this mobile roaming handle feature. So it gives you again the ability to interact with your customers in a different way. That standard photo booth can’t do. And this gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to the nimbus.

Again, if you guys have any questions or comments, let me know down below in the comment section or if you have any other questions or I would like to purchase one. Feel free to contact us via phone call, email, text, call, Facebook Instagram everything. We’ll see you guys in the next video.”