Nimbus Pro V2 Photo Booth

Price: 2240

The photo booth industry is evolving.  More and more photo booth owners are adding the RBA Nimbus wide stand iPad booth with their rental arsenal.

The Nimbus iPad booth is commonly rented to corporate end customers who tend to just want a social media concept of boothing.  Mainly to provide a new experience to their customers.  Data collections and social media sharing are the latest crazes in photo boothing.


  • Restaurant
  • Nigh Club
  • Corporate Events
  • Doctors Office
  • Dental Office
  • Tradeshows

***iPad not included in this listing***

Note: Shipping cost applies to 48 contiguous states (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and International Extra cost on shipping.)

How-To & Installation Videos

How to Setup Nimbus Pro V2 Photo Booth & Its Features

This video will guide you throughout the entire process of building your Nimbus Pro V2 iPad Photobooth so you can start renting and making money.
For DIY customers, visit our website and click on the “photo booth shells” drop down menu and choose from a variety of designs RBA Photobooths Inc have to offer.

How To Setup Nimbus Pro V2 Roaming iPad Photobooth

If you own a Nimbus Pro V2 iPad booth, one of the 4 feature is the Roaming Booth. This is great for large events such as Carnivals, Theme Parks, Sports Events or Concerts. Walk around and collect data for your future marketing needs.

How to Replace your Faceplate on your Nimbus Pro V2 iPad Photobooth

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How To Install Mobile Roaming Handle For Nimbus Pro V2 Ipad Photo Booth

This allows you to use your current or new Nimbus photo booth as a “roaming mobile” photo booth. Giving you and your customers a totally new experience when it comes to photo booths.

How To Install The Ipad On The Nimbus Photo Booth

How to Setup RBA Airprint for Nimbus iPad Photo Booth

If you are looking for an AirPrint for your iPad booth, then look no further.
Introducing the RBA Airprint by RBA Photobooths.

How To Easily Convert Your Nimbus Pro V2 to Table Top Photo Booth

The Nimbus Table Top is the most flexible iPad Photobooth in the market. To learn more, please visit us on the web at

Demo: Protect Your Nimbus Pro V2 With Our Travel Road Case

Investing in your business has never been easy. RBA Photobooths Inc understands how hard you work for your money. We too are constantly investing in our business to better serve our customers and enhance the best experience our customers can have.

Tips: Why Nimbus Pro V2 Photo Booth is the Best for Rental Business

If your thinking about Social Media Branding Booth, please checkout our Nimbus Pro V2 iPad booth. It’s flexibility to accommodate all type of occasions will guarantee you a best return for your investment.

How To Setup Your iPad Booth Table Top Nimbus Pro V2

You have the standard stand alone photobooth which is often utilized for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. The second feature is the Nimbus Pro V2 Roaming booth which is great for Large school events, Carnivals, Theme Parks and Professional Sports events such as Dodgers, Lakers etc.
the 4th special feature is the table top option. For those who wants to get creative and built their bus photobooth or Van Photobooth, or maybe just mount it on the table and set it up in Trade-shows and Conventions, the table top feature is for you.

DEMO: Nimbus Pro V2 Photo Booth Travel Road Case

The Nimbus iPad Booth Travel Case easily fits inside your car trunk!

How To Mount Your Nimbus Pro V2 Photo Booth on the Wall

The wall mount feature is one of the most popular feature because it allows you to rent your iPad booth on a lease options to your corporate customers.
Rent it to restaurants who has small lobby space and have it mounted on their wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tips Before You Invest In Photobooth Business

Do You Offer Discounts

Yes, please fill up our form, choose a photo booth and we will give you a coupon code.

Ask for a photo booth coupon code

What Do I Expect In The First Couple of Months

A lot of our customers will buy a photo booth and they want to know what they can expect after they buy a photo booth. Well, it’s very, very simple to be, to be honest with you, when you buy a photo booth, you rent them out. When you rent them out, you make money, essentially. That’s all it is. You know, you go out there and you say yes to the money that comes your way. And within two months you break even the third month, pure profit. And the reason why I say pure profit is because unlike us, where it’s product that we sell, you’re selling service. There is no product exchange. Okay? So it’s pure profit. Third month, second month you break even third month, you start making money. By the end of the year, you made income to scale your business three times four.

So we hope we gave you a better understanding to what you’re getting into. When you’re investing into a photobooth business from RBA Photobooths. Uh, from our expertise to our knowledge, we hope that we can pass over to you when you’re ready to invest.

We definitely hope that we’ve at some sort of, at some point we’ve helped you solve some of the questions that’s lingering in your mind. We will be coming out with more videos and hopefully you liked the videos that, um, we put out in here. And, uh, we do have a YouTube channel. We’d love you to come in there and watch some of our videos that we’ve put in there. We have put in an intensive amount of time to create those videos for you so that it’s more real, it’s more, it’s more making money, less research.

To learn more, watch this video.

What Are My Financing Options

Any on how you want to approach your investment for your photo booth here at RBA Photobooths, we do accept credit cards, cash checks, and as well as offer financing, if you want to go that route, we offer financing through a third-party company that can help you get your investments together ASAP. So you can get started on your photo booth right away.

To learn more, watch this video.

What Are The Most Popular Photo Booth Models

Another one of our questions that we get from our customers is which photo booth, should we buy.

Well, to answer that question, I first have to understand who you are. Are you a photographer? Are you a DJ? Are you a home stay mom who is bored, but have the finance to buy a business? Are you an event planner or catering? I need to identify who you are. So let me do this. If you are a photographer, I would extremely suggest the T11 2.5. Why? Because as a photographer, you can understand and can appreciate the picture quality of the umbrella being, it is more understanding for you versus a DJ who will say, you know what? I just need a photo booth with a good quality. See, in my opinion, I’m not a photographer. In my opinion, all of the photo booth that we offer are all great. Okay? But based on our research, based on our analytics, the photographers tend to buy the T11 2.5 more than anything else.


And the DJs all tend to buy the T12 LED more than anything else. Now it’s not to say that one is wrong than the other. It just means that it is in their comfort level. It is in their best interest to buy a certain design because of what they’re familiar with. Both products generate well amount of income for them, both products help them scale their DJ business and their photography business or whatever business that you’re getting into. Okay. There is no right or wrong of which product you buy. The main key is execution. You execute an idea on an idea that, you know, it’s going to work for you and that it’s going to generate you an income. Well, a lot of our customers that I get that are the phone calls that I get always wants to know whether or not we are RBA Photobooths, offer financing. Do we offer some sort of what kind of form of payments do we accept and where, you know, where is our customers, uh, located.


To learn more, watch this video.

Why Buy the Photo Booth Business Package

So one of the main questions we always get from our customer is why should we get the business package? Well, here’s the thing. And I’ve told this to a lot of customers before, okay. There’s two types of customers. One, the first customers are current photo booth owners. And the second customer type is the newbies. These newbies are the ones that are wanting to get into the business and captured the market that they’re in. See, a lot of these newbies are photographers. DJ’s that doesn’t own photo booth. Uh, some of them are caterers. Some of them are event planners. They know that every time they are at the event, someone else doing the photo booth and it’s not them. So that means it’s money coming out of their pocket. Okay. So a lot of the times they don’t understand what it takes to actually, uh, get into the photo booth market.

The idea is great. Don’t get me wrong. The idea is good. It is always good when you want to scale your income. Okay? But the problem with that is you end up doing a lot of research when you don’t know what you’re doing. Okay? And that research is a loss of income. Imagine this, two months of research, but you’ve been telling your friends, you already have a photo booth, or you’re going to get into the photobooth business. Every week on those months, your friends are saying, Hey, I got an event. Can you beat it? And you’re saying, no, you’re still doing your research. See the reason why you’re doing that, the reason why you’re turning down that business is simply because you don’t have your research completed. You’re going to YouTube. You’re going to Google’s when really it’s really, really quite simple. If you’re a newbie by the business package, there’s a reason why we said business package.

You’re not buying any equipment. You’re buying a business with that business comes, our support comes our experience. Believe us, before we got here, we were renting photobooths and we were dominating. Okay. Just like everyone else is doing it now. We choose to do this to help people scale their business, which used to be doing what we’re doing to provide that experience that we’ve had from the past, and kind of help you along the way, kill that research and apply the Nike concept and just do it. Let’s let us show you how the whole process works and have you focused in on really just making the money and not doing the poking around and doing the research it’s it’s too time consuming. So those are the two types of customers that we have. And that is the reason why you should, if you’re a newbie, you should buy the business package. And if you’re a current photo booth owners, let’s go with the show. He already know what you’re doing. All it is is you just got to put everything together. There is no need for us to walk you through the whole business process you’re done with it. You’re already making the money. It’s a question of how much more money you want to make, and that is called scaling your business.

For more details, watch this video.

How Can I Track My Parcel with Tracking Number

You have to get the tracking number from the seller. Visit this resources:

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